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There are a number of technological inventions which are set to be launched in 2020. The increase in demand for the digitization era is constantly shifting with the onset of market needs. The unlimited knowledge available at our fingertips and technological advancements are accelerating much faster. The line between physical and digital domains have been blurred further with the increase in the demand.

We the move towards the fourth industrial revolution, we take a look at some of the technological developments in 2019 that will make their way in 2020. See Chris Brummer

1. Time Saving Nature of AI into Overdrive

There is an estimate shift in the work environment with the onset of AI set to become a noticeable trend. The performance of tasks in the work environment has been necessitate with the 67% uptake towards use of AI compared to the rest on human workforce. Despite the societal notion regarding the nature of AI, the increase in demand for the office automation is something that cannot be ignored.
The usage of AI has been aided especially with a large portion of the workforce consisting of millenials. Consumers are becoming more likely to adopt the AI-provided customer care support and other automated product recommendations.

2. Convergence of AI and Emotional Intelligence

Customers have a common pathway of needs revolving around feeling important, respected and heard. The increase coverage of advertisements and customer service have been aided with the application of empathetic AI. This has measured the engagement levels of customers taking this path. The growth potential of AI have been necessitated with the use of AI. This has set the ball rolling with other associated technological firms that infuse the form of empathy to AI.

With the use of empathetic AI, it brings more of the benefits for the advanced technology to life. There is a level of trust which has been necessitated with the technology which has further increased the level of productivity. View Chris Brummer

3. Movement of Machine Learning from Novelty to Routine Function

There is a certain increase in the level of interest especially with the switch of novelty and promise of the machine learning for businesses and technological firms. 2020 has been predicted to be the takeoff year of novelty while proliferating into the different stages of technology services. This is especially predicted towards daily workflows and forms.

There is a set of technological services to become increasingly related to scheduling, expense reports and other services. This will potentially take part in a part of the related tasks with added accuracy and precision. There will be revisiting of the cities earlier visited with the further prediction of the solutions. This will further make the process of filling put the expense reports much faster.

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